galerie.php is an universal PHP script that provides a simple image gallery. It only consists of one file, can be included or stand-alone, manages file trees, is easily configurable by PHP variables and has multi-language support.




galerie.php (12k)



Simply put galerie.php in a folder of your web server and call it in a web browser.

Be sure that the script has permission to read the image files and to create and write into the thumbnail folder.


galerie.php can be configured by PHP variables:

/* Select your charset
$charset = 'ISO-8859-1';

/* How many images per page?
$maxpics = 28;

/* Create thumbnails in this subfolder
$thumbdir = 'thumbs';

/* Size of created thumbnails
$thumbsize = 150;

/* Wether to show file names (true or false)
$filenames = false;

/* Wether to show subdirectores (true or false)
$subdirs = true;

/* Wether to show a title (true or false)
$title = true;

/* Set the gallery root relative to the script's directory.
* If you include() this script, set the path relative to
* the directory of the script, that does the include().
$picdir = '.';

/* Set this to true if you include() this script.
$included = false;

/* Set this to true, if you include() this script and want the images
* to be shown inline.
$inline = true;

/* Set the thumbnail background color, if you include() this script
$bg = 'FFFFFF';


Daniel Wacker


galerie.php is free software under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.